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Sports tourism is identified as a type of tourism that is formed by those who travel with the intention of attending various sport activities. In the past when we heard the term “Sportive activities” only people travelling for active sport activities were considered. Today, sports tourism consists of 3 components, one being the performance of a particular sporting activity, the second would be to watch a particular sporting event and finally the third would be to travel to another country/city with the intention of attending or performing any kind of sporting activity.


From the information gathered from the definition of sports tourism, these 3 components must be considered as a whole. Sports tourism is growing every day, especially since we’ve begun adding these other components/factors into the picture. It is now considered as a significant part of the tourism world.


In the last decade, over 90 million have travelled in order to attend sports events like the Olympics and the world cup, etc. 13 million of these people have travelled internationally in order to attend these events. When we consider the number of people that watch and perform in these events we understand the significance of investing in sports tourism.

Sports Tourism & Turkey


Turkey, a country that improves it’s rank in the list of improving countries. With the addition of sports tourism Turkey has dramatically increased it’s growth rate in this list. One way we can observe this dramatic increase is by taking a look at how Turkey has invested in sports utilities, international sporting events & products which are provided to those who wish to attend these events.


Turkey’s strategic location allows it to utilize 7 regions which consists of every climate, allowing Turkey to house almost any kind of sports event, regardless of the climate. Unlike other countries rather than just being rich in sports – Turkey has the advantage of having a rich culture, amazing flora & fauna and a distinctive history.


With the improvement of public & private transportation to sports destinations, Attendants of these sporting events (which include the audience, players, federation members & even organizers of the events) can travel to their destinations with ease. Adding to this, is Turkey’s high quality of accommodation services. When looking at the money for value ratio, Turkey becomes the more favorable option for the sporting society.


Turkey is known as “the center of sports & health”. When we consider Turkish hospitality, it’s investment in the sports world and again it’s rich culture we see that Turkey is really happy to host anyone who would like to take advantage of it’s sports facilities, whether they came to watch or to perform – Turkey wants them to be welcome.

Antalya & Gloria Sports Arena


The city of Antalya is a very important touristic destination for Turkey and the world, because of it’s nature, climate, history & geographical features and also it’s high standard of hotels in the world.


Antalya serves sports tourism with the assistance of the local governments and private sector trading. 1200 football teams visit Turkey for their mid-term camps, in addition Turkey also houses Basketball, volleyball, athletic, tennis etc. teams from all around the world with the help of the hotels like Gloria Sports/Resorts.


With the help of Antalya’s very own international airport Antalya is a promising and convenient destination for all sports lovers. When looking at Bellek (a district of Antalya), we need to think a little different. Bellek is considered as the center for Golf lovers and Football teams.


Our partner Gloria Sports Arena in Antalya is one of the best sports hotels in the world. It’s globally recognized high quality standard caters almost up to 55 different kinds of sports.


Other than its success with it’s luxurious accommodation, due to it’s sports oriented design and structure Gloria Sports Arena is able to cater to almost every type of sports activity. Gloria sports center is able to provide specialized food/diet menus to it’s guests and teams. These diets are specialized medically and are catered to be suitable nutritiously, calorie wise and will help manage the individuals’ protein intakes.


Unlike other sports centers, Gloria sports arena is a sports health & athletic performance center. This center is a very important supporting component for professional sports, it has a professional team and medical professionals which consists of numerous doctors. A lot of injured players are treated by these doctors. These treatments include physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures.


In the recent years, some players have improved their physical fitness stature with Gloria’s unique performance analysis techniques.


Gloria provides high standard services in the following departments: Football, Golf, Athletics, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Hockey, Archery, Rugby & Rock Climbing are all available within 35,000 sq. meters in open fields. Basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor football, dancing & several others are available in enclosed environments on 6,800 sq. meters of land. 5,800 sq. meters of pools allow guests to perform swimming, diving, under water hockey and several other aquatic activities.

Weight Lifting Area
Hydro Therapy
Mari & Gloria

Why Mari Turizm?


Most people may wonder why Mari Turizm has decided to work with Gloria Sports, the biggest reason for this was the fact that we believe that we share the same interests when serving our guests professional. With our current collaboration with the Memorial Group (in the health tourism sector), we expect to provide the same quality and standard of services in the sports tourism field with the support of Gloria.

As Mari Turizm we aim to provide you with transportation, accommodation, coordination with hotels, sports event organization, cultural tours & any other various requests with our reliable customer service. You plan it, we provide. You only need to deal with success.

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